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Hummingbird / COLIBRI “One Drop at a Time”

We commit our expertise in bringing academic best-practice standards to the services we provide our struggling students.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission Is

To provide resources for the children’s and community’s immediate developmental needs and to build systems that strengthen current structures by promoting sustainable community development.

Our Vision Is

To guide the development of life skills and academic competencies of marginalized and minority students to help instill self-worth and allow them to take pride in their achievements and be effective members of society.


Our core Values are reflected in our commitment to the strength of integrity, our compassion for others, our desire to volunteer and share our knowledge, our drive to achieve excellence, and the understanding that it takes a team to build success.

Commitment: Our commitment to best-practice standards in education and management enables us to provide the tools and services needed to meet a range of educational needs.


We are a group of individuals who thrive to accomplish something worthwhile, who are conscientious, and who enjoy working as a team and autonomously to sustain healthy and happy communities.



Compassion: We are motivated by our love for humanity and our world, we care deeply about dignity and respect, and therefore seek to bring love, hope, understanding, and peace to those in need.


We promote teamwork in our relationships with those we serve with: in our collaboration with other groups who share a common mission, in our partnerships with donors and volunteers, and in our interaction as staff and board members.


Giving back is at our core, it’s the reason we are here working hard to serve those in need, enabling us to contribute our talents, time and tenacity towards the greater good.


We strive to provide high-quality, responsive and effective programs and activities that support and enrich the lives of those who count on us.

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