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Envisioning A Better Future Through Education!

The Quebec Board of Black Educators (QBBE) is a Nonprofit education and research institution committed to raising awareness on educational bias, and provide academic support and opportunities to communities of colour.

Who is QBBE?

Youth Empowerment

Creating a future where all students have a chance to succeed by providing the best learning opportunities and literacy resources to unlock each student’s potential.

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Creating a Research Incubator and a Resource Center dedicated to evidence-based research to promote best practices in the field of education that impact black and racialized communities.

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Creating a platform for advocating and lobbying that promote a fair and equitable Quebec society for black and racialized communities.


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The QBBE is serving communities in Quebec with multiple programs and services:

A Better Future Through Elementary Education

Student support, summer school, and online tutorials focusing on early literacy intervention and setting up a framework for learning.

A Better Future Through Collaboration with Partners

Associations with multiple partners to facilitate access to the resources necessary to accomplish our mission.

A Better Future Through Secondary Education

Student support, summer school, and online tutorials; providing academic support leading to graduation and pursuing post-secondary education.

A Better Future Through Corporate Awareness

Secure Corporate sponsorship and partner with them for growth and to enhance training programs that educate on implicit bias and racial discrimination in education.

A Better Future Through Family Support

Programs to support the social and emotional well-being of the family and promote the active participation of the family in the education of their child.

A Better Future Through Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Professional Development

Programs to promote Entrepreneurship, Ownership, and self-determination within the youth of the black communities.

Quebec Board of Black Educators - Serving the community!

The effectiveness of the QBBE’s programs lies in their ability to address specific needs and educational challenges of our community by the efficient delivery of services by a dedicated professional team of staff, teachers, and volunteers. We provide customized, engaging, quality instruction that is in alignment with the curriculum.


Providing quality educational services!

Elementary Education
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Secondary Education
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Family Programs
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